Chichester – you can check in any time you like but you can NEVER leave!



“Where’s your first stop?” Everyone asks us. They await the smack of envy but we disappoint them with the name “Chichester”.

Here’s the thing about moving out and preparing for an unknown trip in two weeks. IT CANT BE DONE!! There’s not enough time. Especially with a 2 year old.

We checked into a lovely holiday cottage in Chichester to tie up loose ends. Lame jobs like selling one of the cars, cancelling all the utilities (actually rather liberating!),  Making sure the dog is OK to travel and meeting up with your besties to get wrecked one last time!

Problem is, this place is SO nice it has set the bar very high for the rest of the trip!

We have even joked …’joked’ that we might just stay here for a year but tell everyone we have gone to all these exotic locations. All we need is Neflix and a convincing green screen!

The cottage is one of five at Flintstone Cottages and comes with everything you want (and need) including super fast internet connection (makes up for the poor mobile signal), dishwasher, washing machine, massive bed with posh topper, massive shower and Neil’s favourite – a wood burner.

How we haven’t had the complex evacuated on a nightly basis is a miracle. Every night Neil lights this fire and every night it fills smoke quicker than kids in a bike shed. (This is not Neil’s fault, he is perfectly capable of lighting a fire, I have been informed).

Nonetheless one of us ends up holding the doors open whilst another frantically waves the smoke away from the alarms!


The second question people ask us is “where next?”. Queue more disappointment when we say “we really don’t have a plan”. And that’s the truth! We set sail tomorrow and aim for France. Once we’re there we’ll have plenty of time to plan where next. That’s if we ever leave Chichester… Through choice or sheer weight of traffic!

Poppy enjoys the fire more than Neil




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