Flash packers

She canny take anymore Captain! She’s gonna blow!

This is going to sound like one massive brag but to set some context, we have never done the traditional travelling/backpacking thing. Our idea of roughing it is flying economy, not be because we’re rolling in money or anything but because we hate queuing and not being able to pack whatever the hell we like! When we travel to America for a three week holiday, we take the maximum allowance of 3 suitcases each! No item of clothing or lipstick gets left behind.

So packing for two adults, a toddler and a dog … For 18 months… was always going to be ugly.

There were some disagreements. For me (Sam) it was clothes. I agreed to not take dry clean only items. But I was still taking up three entire suitcases for just my clothes. In my defence, I wear an average of three layers because I’m always cold. Neil wears the exact same polo and jeans throughout a thirty degree temperature variance!

300 of Neil’s blue work shirts that don’t need ironing for a long time.

For Neil it was items like his cooking utensils. He wanted to pack his spices, peeler, knifes, Le Creuset Pots (I wish I was exaggerating!)

In fact, mere hours before the tenants moved in Neil made a dash to the house and our storage to grab extra luxuries. I made him leave the kitchen wear. I let him keep the hat!



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