The wobble

The months Neil was in his notice period we were very ambitious with our plans. At first we thought buying a holiday home was the answer and had our hearts set on Florida. But we didn’t think we could turn it around in time plus would we get the best use of a house so far away?

A big factor we had to consider was our dog Poppy. The thought of leaving her behind was putting a downer on the whole thing. We would only consider leaving her with someone we knew but even then, we were worried that she would think we were abandoning her. Plus she is our dog, part of the family. She is much older than she looks (14 this year!), she doesn’t have many teeth, her eye sight is rubbish but she has a massive personality. We often joke that she would take over the world.

Poppy came to live with us just before her 4th birthday has been a loving a loyal friend. Having our son Hugh was a big change for her but she adapted for us so we are going to stick by her and make this trip awesome for her too.

So we decided Poppy would come, we’d stick to Europe for long term trips and then if we want to go further afield, it’s not such a burden leaving Poppy for a shorter period of time.

We put the house up for rent, sat back and waited. When the call came in to say someone wanted to rent our house, that’s when we really panicked!

We’re we seriously going to do this? Do we really want to have no home for a year?

We spent a weekend weighing the pros and cons. Pro’s: they were awesome tenants, a corporate let with guaranteed income, they seem super nice, they are on an 18 month contract to work in the UK, they wanted the house fully furnished so no need to store our furniture.

Con: they want to move in – in two weeks.

In all honesty, we nearly bailed. We crunched the numbers to see if there was anyway we could do this trip but still have the comfort and safety of our home waiting for us. But we knew we’d end up either not doing anything or we’d wind up both where we started, working for the man.

Eventually we said “screw it, let’s do it”. After an incredibly intense fortnight of packing and prepping, we welcomed our new tenants and set sail!


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