The decision to travel

Neil had finally handed in his resignation and a few weeks In there was a noticeable change. It was like a weight was lifted of us both. The monotony of every day life was now only temporary. The pressures from work, irrelevant.

The end was neigh. It’s a feeling that’s both pretrifying and exhilarating. But it’s a double edged sword. Whilst we felt freedom approaching we also knew that the end of Neil’s working life meant no main income.

This is what keeps most of us trapped working for the man all our lives. We (like most people) live to our means. Eg, we spend all our income, rarely top up our savings and wonder why our credit card bill is so horrendous each month.

But we found after a month since resigning (Neil had a three month notice period) with the reduction in stress we were much more optimistic and less fearful. These are great conditions for creativity to thrive.

Our original plan was for Neil to leave his job and then he’d have the time to find another job. But the problem with that was would it change anything? Ideally we’d rather not work for the man at all. We have a few mottos/laws we have collected over the years and one of our favourites is “It’s not the problem that’s the problem” (thanks to a former teacher for that one!) . We don’t need to find the perfect career, the aspiration is we need more time to enjoy ourselves and be with our son. The problem isn’t we need to work to pay bills, the problem is we need money to pay for what we need to pay for.

This is starting to sound like one of those clickbait blogs that try to sell you an over priced eBook. We’re not that desperate yet! In short we had to reduce our bills and increase our income. Simples!

And that’s where the idea to rent out our house and go travelling. The rent covers the mortgage and not having a home reduces bills significantly! Yes, we’re going to be homeless!

It wasn’t quite as easy a decision as that for indecisive people. There were many late night discussion, weighing the pros and cons. But it was ultimately weighing up the risk factor. What’s the worse that can happen? We come back and resume our lives as before?



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