How did we get here?

As our tagline states, we are VERY indecisive as a family. When we tell our friends our latest plans to remodel our house, move house or our wedding plans they are supportive but know it probably won’t happen.

But eventually we did move house (after 13 years), we did get married (10 years in), we had a child (15 years).

Now we have made those big decisions, everything seems a bit simpler. But something was missing…. TIME.
Our twenties were spent care free, no responsibilities, we were financially comfortable and enjoyed flashy holidays, sports cars and booze.

When our son Hugh came along, we felt things had to change! We bought bigger cars, a bigger house. Sam stopped working (ok, I hadn’t worked in a while, but still!). Neil was working even harder and the hours getting longer.

We had fallen into the mid-thirties, middle class trappings. Time for a mid-life crisis!

Neil had been wanting to change jobs for some time but there was never the time to apply and go to interviews. At weekends our house needed the grass cut, the car serviced, the windows cleaned etc.

Meanwhile Sam and Hugh were together in the house 24 hours week after week for a year! Even though I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic set of friends, even if I was lucky enough to see them weekly, there’s still a long time between those visits!

It was a gradual process but Neil read a book that said something along the lines of “If you spent as much time working for yourself as you do for your boss, what could you achieve?”

That was a lightbulb moment. At the moment there was no time to even think what we wanted to do with our lives, let alone how we are going to achieve it.

Just for fun, I suggested Neil write a resignation letter. It felt good! And that’s when we decided Neil would quit his job! Once he wasn’t working he’d have more headspace and time to invest in his own needs. This isn’t as reckless as it’s sounds either. We have income from elsewhere, just not enough to meet our current lifestyle needs.

After carrying the resignation in his bag for a month. Neil handed it in.


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